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Pakistani students mostly join the MBBS, or preparatory course, for the Russian language.

At present, some 170 Pakistani students are studying in Belarus at different universities and colleges for their desired programs, and for the 2024 intake, more applications are in process.

Many Pakistani students have graduated from medical universities in Belarus and are now practicing in other European countries.

Medical universities are recognized by WHO and PMDC, the medical council of Pakistan.

Pakistan is a highly populated country in South Asia, and the number of students wishing to study abroad in Belarus is increasing every year.

Pakistan has major cities like Karachi, Lahore, Faisalabad, Peshawar, Quetta, Gujranwala, Hyderabad, Multan, Rawalpindi, Sargodha, etc.

Most students come from the above-mentioned cities, and no doubt they are brilliant students.

After completion of their academic programs in MBBS, they sit for an exam in Pakistan called PMDC, and after this exam, they may practice in Pakistan.

We assure Pakistani students that they will feel at home in Belarus during their full course of study, as they will find their countrymen here in Belarus already studying their courses.

Popular Courses In Belarus Among
Pakistani Students


Pakistani students come to Belarus every year to study MBBS at state medical universities.

MBBS in Belarus is taught in two mediums of instruction: English and Russian.

Pakistani students are normally good at English, so they prefer to study their MBBS course in English as the medium of instruction at Belarusian medical universities.

The duration of MBBS is 6 years in Belarus, and at all 4 state medical universities, Pakistani students have a good presence.

Pakistani students come to Belarus to study MBBS once they have passed their F.Sc. in Pakistan or abroad.


Dentistry is also one of the popular medical courses in Belarus, for which every year Pakistani students arrive in Belarus and study at state medical universities.

Pakistani students with a F.Sc. certificate may join a dentistry course in Belarus.

Dentistry is also offered in both mediums of instruction in Belarus: Russian and English.

Pakistani students always prefer to study dentistry in English as the medium of instruction at Belarusian medical universities.

In Belarus, dentistry courses last five years at state medical institutes.

Pakistani students are required to have science subjects in their intermediate certificate to be admitted to the dentistry course in Belarus.


Pakistani students come to Belarus at present in small numbers to study pharmacy at state medical universities.

Pharmacy is also taught in both languages in Belarus: English and Russian. Pakistani students know English well, so they prefer to study pharmacy in the English medium of instruction in Belarus.

Pakistani students have little presence at present at pharmaceutical faculties in Belarus.

Pakistani students who have passed their 12-year examination in Pakistan or abroad may apply for admission in Belarus at pharmaceutical faculties.

Pakistani students must have studied science subjects in intermediate to be admitted to the pharmacy course in Belarus.


Nursing is not a very popular program among Pakistani students, but they come to Belarus in small numbers to study nursing at a state medical college.

Nursing is offered in Belarus with a Russian medium of instruction, so these Pakistani students first study at a Russian language faculty and then join their nursing course in Belarus.

The duration of the nursing course is 2.5 years in Belarus at state medical colleges working under the Ministry of Education.

Belarus welcomes students from Pakistan at pharmaceutical faculties warmly, as Pakistani students have a brilliant academic record at state medical universities.


Master courses in Belarus are very popular among Pakistani students, and every year, a good number of Pakistani students come to Belarus to study master’s courses at graduate faculties.

Master’s courses are offered in Belarus at all medical, engineering, and arts faculties, and Pakistani students join their masters in Belarus at all these faculties.

Master’s courses are offered mostly in the English medium of instruction in Belarus, and some masters courses are offered in the Russian medium of instruction.

Pakistani students normally join master’s courses in English as the medium of instruction at Belarusian universities.

All Pakistani students who want to study master’s at Belarusian universities must present a bachelor degree at the time of admission.

Belarus Student Visa Process For Pakistani Students

Students from Pakistan now obtain their visas from the Embassy of Belarus with the help of an official study invitation from the Migration Department of Belarus.

The Belarus Embassy is situated in Islamabad, the capital of Pakistan.

The ordinary study visa fee is 60 euros, and the same-day visa fee is 120 euros to be paid at the Embassy.

At the immigration counter, students pay 170 euros for insurance.

Required documents at the Embassy of Belarus for student visas

  • Valid International Passport
  • Official study invitation approved by the Migration Department of Belarus
  • Educational Certificates (Original)
  • Birth Certificate (Original)
  • Medical Fitness Certificate (by a registered doctor with a stamp)
  • passport-size photographs
  • Medical Insurance

Admission Requirements

  • International Passport Copy
  • SSC Certificate Copy
  • Processing Charges

All the above documents are accepted by scan.

Once we receive all the requirements, the official study invitation processing time is 2 weeks.

Admission Process At Belarus University For Pakistani Students

According to the admission process, applicants scan their secondary school certificate with a copy of their travel passport to the email for eligibility assessment, and this assessment takes 1-2 days maximum. Once the applicant is informed by email that he or she is eligible, the applicant sends the admission fee, and the admission process takes 2 weeks.

After two weeks, the original study invitation was couriered. Applicants must write us their postal address to receive the original study invitation approved by the migration department, and then only he or she may apply for a visa.

In other European countries, admissions are confirmed by the colleges and universities, but in Belarus, invitations and admissions are confirmed by the Migration Department of Belarus for international students, not by the colleges and universities.