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Poland is a unique study abroad destination for international students. It is considered one of the friendliest countries with its outstanding people and top-notch education standards and is

fast becoming a favorite study destination amongst international students. The country is also famous among students worldwide for its safety, low tuition fees, and high-quality education.

We are pleased to inform you that the admissions.

for Intake 2023-24 are open!!!

Education in Poland is considered smooth and flexible, which provides the ability for students to study without falling under academic pressure. University study depends on the semester

hour system. Poland has internationally recognized and accredited institutions, which are known internationally and are fully accredited.


1Medicine6 yearsEnglish
2Dentistry5 yearsEnglish
3Pharmacy5,5 yearsEnglish
4Medical Biotechnology3 yearsEnglish
5Physiotherapy5 yearsEnglish
6Bachelor’s in Midwifery3 yearsEnglish
7Master’s in Midwifery2 yearsEnglish
8Bachelor’s in Nursing3 yearsEnglish
9Master’s in Nursing2 yearsEnglish
10Master’s in Dietetics2 yearsEnglish
11Bachelor’s in Public Health3 yearsEnglish
12Master’s in Public Health2 yearsEnglish
  • Bachelor’s Degree
  • Master’s Degree
Course Duration Language
1 Bachelor’s in Information Technologies (IT) 3,5 years English
2 Bachelor’s in Management 3 years English
3 Master’s in Management 2 years English
4 Bachelor’s in Psychology 3 years English
5 Master’s in Psychology 2 years English
6 Master’s in Psychology of Global Mobility Inclusion and Diversity in Society 2 years English
7 Bachelor’s in Business Management 3 years English
8 Master’s in Business Management 2 years English
9 Bachelor’s in Logistics Management 3 years English
10 Bachelor’s in IT Management 3 years English
11 Bachelor’s in Hotel & Tourism Management 3 years English
12 Bachelor’s in Journalism 3 years English
13 Bachelor’s in Economics 3 years English
14 Master’s in MBA Management 2 years English
15 Preparatory English course for foreign students 1 year English
16 Bachelor’s in Finances and Accounting 3 years English
17 Bachelor’s in International Relations 3 years English
18 Bachelor’s in Philology 3 years English
19 Bachelor’s in Graphics 3 years English
20 Bachelor’s in Management (double degree program with London South Bank University) 3 years English
21 Computer Engineering (Engineering degree) 3,5 years English
22 Architecture (Engineering degree) 4 years English
23 Master’s in Finances and Accounting 2 years English
24 Master’s in Computer Engineering 1.5 years English
25 Master’s in Philology 2 years English
26 Master’s in Energy Management 2 years English
27 Master’s in Management (double-degree program with London South Bank University) 2 years English
28 Preparatory English course (900 hours) (fee for the entire course) English
29 Preparatory English course (600 hours) (fee for the entire

Steps of Admission

  • Send us your student’s documents via email (kindly state the course name and the option of studying in the message body)
    • Passport (or any other ID document available)
    • School Certificate.
    • Bachelor’s/Master’s Degree with transcripts (for PG/PhD students).
  • On the basis of the documents mentioned above we will provide the Admission Letter for the student.

Step 2: Getting an Invitation Letter

  • Those students who want to continue their studies in Poland need to collect all the necessary packages of documents. Please note that if your student has an EU citizenship, there is no need for an Invitation letter to study in Poland.
  • For receiving an invitation to Poland please provide us with the following documents of the student:
    • Copy of the International Passport.
    • Document proving English language proficiency level (for the citizens of countries where English is not an official language)
    • Receipt of payment for one academic year tuition fee.
  • Please mind that there is a need for the additional registration fee (nonrefundable) in the amount of 200 EUR for all Universities except International European University.
  • For those students who need confirmation of knowledge of the English language level, we can conduct the ESOL exam online. The cost of the ESOL certificate from the UK will be 450$.
  • Invitations to study will be issued within 3-15 working days after submitting all the packages of documents.

Step 3: Getting Visa

  • If the student is a non-EU citizen, he/she must get a student visa at the nearest Polish embassy/consulate. The required documents for a Poland visa application are:
  • Poland visa application form.
  • Two passport-sized photos.
  • International Passport.
  • Travel Medical Insurance.
  • Proof of accommodation (document confirming the availability in Poland of appropriate accommodation for the intended period of stay).
  • Documents confirming the sufficient financial resources to cover costs of living and return travel to the country of origin or residence.
  • Proof of payment of the tuition for one year, issued by the University.
  • University acceptance letter.
  • University invitation letter.
  • Document confirming English language proficiency level.
  • NOTE! List of documents may vary depending on the country of student’s origin.

Step 5: Arrival and Start of Classes

  • Please send us student’s tickets at least 5 working days before the student’s arrival, so we can make all the arrangements for the successful arrival. Our representative will pick student up from the airport and accompany to the University and hostel, will assist with all the needed documentation process.
  • Please mind that there are slight differences in the admission process to each University, which will be discussed individually upon each student’s admission. We will be happy to welcome your student in Poland!