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Malta is a genuinely international place where you can easily meet students from all over the world. The main advantages of education in Malta are the effective combination of high-quality education and relatively low prices. Malta is considered one of the safest countries in Europe. The country is a member of the European Union and the Schengen area. The most obvious advantage of Malta is its warm and pleasant climate.

We are pleased to inform you that the admissions.

for Intake 2024-25 are open!!!

In besides being a beautiful island, this country can boast a well-thought-out and efficient education system. Today, Malta is a new leader in the European English language learning industry. At the same time, education in this country differs significantly from education systems abroad in most countries due to the richness of its cultural heritage.

Course Duration Language
1 Medicine 6 years English
2 Dentistry 5 years English
3 Pharmacy 5 years English
4 Nursing 4 years English
5 Biomedicine 4 years English
6 Public Health 4 years English
7 Postgraduate course 3 years English


Bachelor’s Degree.

Course Duration Language  
1Bachelors4 yearsEnglish 
2Bachelor’s in Business               3 yearsEnglish 
3Bachelor’s in science financial accounting3 yearsEnglish 

Master’s Degree.

Course        Duration Language  
1Master’s             2 yearsEnglish 
2Master’s in Business Administration1 years 
 Course        Duration
Bachelor’s in Business Administration            4 years
Bachelor’s in Finance4 years 
Bachelor’s in Game Developing4 years 
Bachelor’s in Civil Engineering4 years 
Bachelor’s in Electronic and Computer Engineering4 years 
Bachelor’s in Graphic Design and Animation4 years 
Bachelor’s in Accounting4 years 
Bachelor’s in Industrial Engineering4 years 
Bachelor’s in Mechanical Engineering4 years 
Master’s in Business Administration1,6 years 
Master’s in Engineering Management2 years 
Master’s in Cyber Security2 years 
Master’s in Computer Science2 years/3 years part-time 

Steps of Admission

Step 1: Getting an Admission Letter

  • Send us your student’s documents via email (kindly state the course name and the option of studying in the message body)
    • Passport (or any other ID document available)
    • School Certificate.
    • Bachelor’s/Master’s Degree with transcripts (for PG/PhD students).
  • On the basis of the documents mentioned above we will provide the Admission Letter for the student.

Step 2: Getting an Invitation Letter

  • Those students who want to continue their studies in Malta need to collect all the necessary packages of documents. Please note that if your student has an EU citizenship, there are no need in the Invitation letter to study in Malta.

    For receiving an invitation to Malta. please provide us with the following documents of the student:

    • Copy of the International Passport.
    • Receipt of payment for one academic year tuition fee.

Step 3: Getting Visa

  • After the Invitation Letter is issued, the Visa process should be started. If student is a non-EU citizen, he/she must get a student visa at the nearest Maltese embassy/consulate.

Step 4: Arrival and Start of Classes

  • Please send us students’ tickets at least 5 working days before the student’s arrival, so we can make all the arrangements for the successful arrival. Our representative will pick students up from the airport and accompany them to the University and hostel, will assist with all the needed documentation process.
  • Please remember that there are slight differences in the admission process to each University, which will be discussed individually upon each student’s admission.
  • Please mind that there is a need for the additional registration fee (nonrefundable) in the amount of 500 EUR for all Universities.
  • Invitations to study will be issued within 3-15 working days after submitting all the documents.